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About BunnyBot

Some years ago, when more and more Discord servers from 3DXChat groups popped up, we noticed that there was no nice overview of all parties. There was a forum and also a calendar in a fan portal, but they didn't offered a user-friendly overview, not to mention a comfortable Discord integration.

In this aspect nothing comparable existed at all - especially not across Discord servers. Some imitators like to claim the contrary, but this is purely out of self-protection, in order to create a clear conscience.

We were the first. We were innovative. All the others just stole and did not even manage to modify our concept in such a way that one could speak of something independent. That's why we don't speak well of them.

Behind BunnyBot are two creative minds: Chloe and Xanar
If you want to get to know us, or have questions / suggestions, you are very welcome to our BunnyBot Discord Server:

Calendar and Events Commands

This section is something like the DNA of BunnyBot - this is where it all started and this is also the reason why we code BunnyBot: To bundle all events of all groups to display them clearly on the web as well as on Discord itself.

To log in to our online calendar, please use this command. You will then receive a link from BunnyBot, on which you simply have to click. After that you can add a new event in the calendar with Add New Event.

Use this command to promote your next three event. If BunnyBot has access to the current channel it will print the poster and description of your event.

b!promote 1 - next event ( number is optional)
b!promote 2 - 1 event after next
b!promote 3 - 2 events after next

SImilar to the daily rotation - will output a list of the next 5 events (or more, if you specify a number as parameter).

b!next 20 - next 20 events

Outputs the link to this online calendar.

Fun Commands

To only care about events is so... serious. That's why we added some fun commands as well to our bot. Here we put emphasis on interaction and special polish. Just collecting points daily or a simple ranking can do almost every bot.

You can't just make a coffee and drink it right away. It takes a moment. Soon as it is ready, it can be picked up in the chat. But be careful that someone else is not faster. Or are you the collector here?

You are hungry? Then order some pizzas. But be careful that other hungry people don't attack your order.

You have a question on your mind? Then you can use this command to get an answer. But please ask it in a way that you can answer it with yes or no, otherwise BunnyBot gets confused.

b!8ball Will I win the lottery today?

If you like someone, show it with this command. You must pass one or more people to the command.

b!kiss @Chloe @Xanar

Not only kisses are nice, but also hugs. But watch out - group hugs are not allowed.
b!hug @Chloe @Xanar

Someone has been teasing you? Well then pull his or her ears. BunnyBot knows a lot about this.
b!pullears @Xanar

Who does not know them, the fortune cookies. Look what the future holds for you.

All fun commands (should they succeed) will credit you with a certain number of points (separate account on each server). If you are lucky, you will even receive a coin for it.

Coin Shop Commands

With your hard-earned coins you can not only show off, but also buy useful things, like gifts. Especially in the time before Christmas, this is a welcome surprise.

Send a gift with a personalized greeting message to friends or to your love.

b!gift @Xanar You bake the best cupcakes in town.

As soon as Christmas is over, the Christmas gifts will be replaced by normal ones.

Points Commands


Management Commands (admins only)


Who is behind BunnyBot?

BunnyBot is actively developed by Chloe and Xanar. You can find both on Discord or in 3DXChat.